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The Journey (Guardians, #1)

Following his involvement in a car accident, Daniel Graham wakes up in the land of Eden. He barely manages to crawl out from the wreckage, before he is ruthlessly hunted down by a dragon and its blood-thirsty rider. He is rescued by the Guardians of Lost Souls, a group of knights sent by the archangel, Uriel, to protect him. Together, they must journey through Eden to the ruins of an ancient city, in search of the magical gateway that would take him back home.

The Fall (Guardians, #2)

In order to save his brother from eternal damnation, Daniel was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. This decision has led him to the land of Nod, where he is taken in by the Brotherhood of the Noble Knight, and their king, Lucien. He is shown much hospitality during his stay, so much so that King Lucien has come to regard him as the son he never fathered. Soon, Daniel is caught in the middle of a power struggle. But things are not what they seem, and it slowly begins to dawn on him that the Brotherhood might just be harboring some very dark secrets.

The Gathering (Guardians, #3)

Under the shadow of the mountains of Havilah, the dragon riders have started to gather. Many have traveled from distant lands, and braved the many perils of the desert, just to attend the Harvest of Souls. But their pilgrimage hasn't gone unnoticed. Now, the guardians are seeking to learn the purpose behind the gathering, an event that could very well mark the beginning of the end of days.

The Shadow (Guardians, #4)

Cain has assumed the mantle of leadership over the dragon riders. He plans on leading the reapers in a march against the guardians. Daniel is brought back to the guardians' stronghold, where they must all prepare to face the enemy in battle. Uriel reveals to them the implications of the Harvest, and the need to seek the assistance of the shape-shifters. As the days grow darker, alliances are forged and allegiances made known. And as the enemy draws closer, the guardians are forced to contend with the possibility of defeat.

The Passage (Guardians, #5)

Daniel has fallen into the realm of shadows. There he struggles to fight the evil seed taking root inside him. He makes a miraculous return after receiving an ancient remedy, given to him by the cherubs. The remedy cannot prevent the inevitability of his rebirth though, so he is forced to hasten his departure from the cherubs' haven. Now he must find the strength needed to retrieve the Stone of Destiny, a magical artifact crafted by the shape-shifters, and the only means through which he could ever hope to bring his brother back from a path of destruction. But the dragon riders are hot on his trail, and would stop at nothing to ensure that he doesn't get in the way of their plan.

The Other Side (Guardians, #6)

As the City of Angels prepares for war, Daniel journeys to it in fulfillment of his quest. The weight of his burden seems to grow with each step, and the steps required seem almost endless. The solitude of his journey is broken by a reunion with an old friend. Together, they set off to face the many dangers of an impending battle. And all the while, Daniel struggles to resist the transformation taking place inside him. Hunger, exhaustion, and the fear of an uncertain future are just some of the things he has to overcome. But one thing remains certain: the final leg of Daniel's adventure is going to be his most difficult yet.

Guardians & The Lost Paradise

Daniel Graham is a rather unlikely hero. For starters, he is just a 12-year-old boy, struggling to come to terms with the death of his older brother. Secondly, he has never wielded a sword and shield before, or fired a bow and arrow, or ridden upon horseback. But he is forced to do all these things – and more – after a journey to summer camp takes him to the land of Eden instead. It is a land where angels, knights and dragon riders battle for supremacy. Daniel winds up in the middle of that battle, and must embrace a destiny that places the fate of the world in the palm of his hand.